.NET Magazine Build Off

The Build Off

Our Creative Director, Scott Birnie was invited by .NET Magazine to submit to the .NET Magazines monthly feature the “Build Off”.

We love .NET mag, plus Computer Arts magazine too, so we jumped at the chance and submitted something we were really proud of.

The theme was to create a fictitious camp site website. We had so much fun doing it too and it provided a superb creative outlet and break for us to create something from a blank canvas.

So go grab Issue: 243, August 2013 and read a little more on what we created and detailed.

A Campsite to chill, a website to experience

Camp Combi is situated in one of the most picturesque and beautiful places on Earth, my homeland, Scotland.

The idea was simple. You drive your Combi (or any other vehicle, we don’t discriminate) to the site – Roll In. You set up your Combi and tent – Pitch Up. Then you relax, take in the surrounding and crack open a beer – Chill Out.

I wanted to create something that was fun, retro, vibrant and somewhere I would love to go.

The site had to be clean and clear and reflect the laid back, chilled personality of its campers. This design was less about sweeping panoramic imagery featuring mountains and heather fields but more the fun, fresh and friendly feel of what I wanted to create.

The website would be built in WordPress using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and would also be responsive. I would use retina and SVG images to allow for the ultimate in scalability through various displays and devices.

With a clear navigation and a centred layout the website is separated into clear sections. The main feature hero banner would transition through a sequence of images with overlaid messages. The images would fade in using a dreamy, bleached style and then blur back to reveal the overlaid text.

With the three simple steps communicating the campsite’s personality and process the next part of it is to get customers booking up and finding their way there. A clear and quick booking form would replace the availability check meaning no annoying switching pages. When the client receives the booking confirmation it would feature an exact GPS location meaning no getting lost on the way.

  • Simple Logo

    I created the logo to reflect the style of a car badge. It features the iconic “splitty” VW combi. This would be used on branded items at the camp and also in the online shop.

  • Three Buckets

    Rollover animations. Roll In – combi driving into view. Pitch – the tent being erected (minus hammer to thumb accident). Chill Out – drink poured and ice being thrown in. Adding a touch of humour.

  • Book In and Find Us

    A super simple check availability form and calendar to allow clients to find dates to suit them and then book seamlessly. The Find Us uses Google maps and streetview to locate and direct.

  • Humorous Apps

    A number of apps would be available. From helpful hints and tips to this little beauty. It’s a virtual fire that can be networked with others to create the perfect campfire. 100% safe too!

  • Lets Connect

    Using social media to connect with customers is paramount to the open and friendly feel of the business. Including the CampCamTM which uses the latest 360° video technology to view the camp.

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