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Poles & Blinds.com

We were proud to develop our relationship with Poles & Blinds.com over time. Starting from designing their web marketing and email campaigns, progressing onto some simple banner advert replacements and then onto the complete website refresh.

Working closely and in collaboration with the guys over at Radweb we were able to refresh and completely rebuild this eCommerce website from the ground up. With some inspirational interior design imagery and a large amount of content we produced one of our most complex designs alongside a backend from Radweb to boot.

Website: http://www.polesandblinds.com/

Our Task

Create the full eCommerce website design for Poles & Blinds.com. This involved redesigning their complete site from the ground up. We produced a number of conceptual designs that were then fine tuned to create a fresh, clean and more simple design that focussed on the stunning photography and products that Poles & Blinds offer.

We aimed to echo and enhance the product range through the design and put the products first whilst adding a touch of visual inspiration. We produced the full website design and storyboarded every element onscreen. From the homepage and sliding banners and categories through to the bespoke products and inspirational ideas pages. This was a great project to work on and one of the most detailed we have done to date.

Skills Involved

  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Email Marketing
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