Raymarine Multifunctional Displays

User Interface Design for the elements

We have been working with Raymarine for over 3 years now helping their internal team produce award winning products for the marine electronics industry. Working alongside their software and product development teams within the UK and globally we enjoy the challenges that this provides.

Producing UI Design for mobile and handheld devices is one thing, but creating cutting edge solutions for such a harsh and challenging environment like the sea is another! Operating a phone UI in the comfort of your armchair seems like a breeze compared to bouncing over 30 foot swells, being sprayed by sea salt water and commanding a crew whilst operating the Raymarine equipment.

Our Task

Create an over arching user interface that is ultimately scalable and robust over a number of products and their respective product families.

Create a visual language that cascades throughout all the products and provides a consistent graphical identity for the complete suite of products.

Skills Involved

  • User Interface Design
  • Project Management
  • Product Development
  • Concept creation
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Flash

Multiple displays, devices and environments. A single design solution.

Working across various displays, devices and sizes is never easy. Add to that natures elements and the end user cases for all of them and you have one crazy brief.

We had to take into account that these products will be used during some scary situations. From crossing the high seas exposed to the elements and 50ft waves to knocking back the Gin and Tonics in the comfort of a luxurious power cruiser. The challenge of coming up with something with universal appeal across the vast array of user groups was one fo the hardest things we have done to date. But we believe this has been achieved.

Like natures elements the products are constantly changing and evolving and we are proud to be a part of the team at Raymarine.

  • A Series

    The A Series products were a challenge in themselves. With small screen real estate and so much information to pack in we managed to get the power of the overall graphical presentation and UI into such a small package.

  • C and E Series

    Raymarine’s flagship products. “With great power comes great responsibility”. Here we developed the graphical elements within the UI to be scalable up and down through the individual screen sizes and ratios.

  • gS Series

    Sleek, stylish and sophisticated in both appearance and functionality. Utilising the existing graphical elements and UI alongside a bespoke controller the products operates seamlessly with the look and feel we created. Alongside a few extra tweaks to fine tune the graphical elements this product takes pride of place in any multimillion pound power cruiser or yacht.

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