Super fast and simple to use UI

This project was a whole new product for Raymarine. They were entering uncharted waters (pardon the pun) with it. The product development team at Raymarine had identified that they could enter a new market, appealing to entry level users, people on a low budget but also the more professional sport fisherman.

So coming up with a design for the UI that was both super simple to use, intuitive but still looked great was yet another challenge we savoured taking on.

The UI and graphics were stripped back to utilise the most used items, selections and elements. So we took the best of the graphical elements and widgets from the multifunctional display family streamlined, refined and improved them to fit with Dragonfly.

This product in turn won an RMMA Innovation Award in 2013! From a industrial design and UI point of view this is a cutting edge product worthy of such an award.

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